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And welcome to my website. My name is Marta Gonzalez Poveda, Algeciras 1989. Formally trained in graphic design, I tend to veer more towards illustration and water, oil, charcoal, or collage based artwork.


Based now in Toronto, Canada, the need to create started at a young age in the heart of Spain. I now dedicate the majority of my time exploring and finding new ways to express the stories - fantastical and real - emotions, and perspective on all things through my drawings, illustrated stories, and paintings. 


I hope you like my work, or in the least, it provokes something inside you, whatever it might be. For me, that’s what I think gripped me about art as a child; not only the boundless freedom of expression, but also, the ability to provoke, release, and touch. 


To get in touch or for inquiries, please contact me at

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