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Illustration Album cover

Album cover / Illustration

Prado Negro is a musical and poetic project. This project is formed by artists from Granada (Spain): Soleá Morente, Jaime Beltrán, José Bonaparte, Rocio Morales, and Mario Fernandez. 

Their first album is based on poems of authors like José Angel Valente, María Zambrano, Luís García Montero, and Josefina de la Torre among others.

Prado Negro takes the name from a nature reserve in Granada, known for its waterfalls and flora. In the album cover Illustration the mistical of a full moon nigth in Prado Negro, and the image of Soleá Morente (lead singer) with her hands coming out from the darkness represents the magic and mistery of poetry and music.

Graphic design of the album cover made by 2041 Graphic Design studio.

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